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NAMM 2017 - (1/19-22)

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Another New Year means another NAMM Show.  I'm very excited to be performing on U8 Touch Guitar at the Kirlin Cables booth - Hall B, booth #5792.

I'll also be spending a lot of time visiting my friends at Kemper Amps and a number of the other usual suspects; EarthQuaker Devices, Red Panda pedals, Kalium Strings, Pigtronix, Kiesel, Aristides, Strandberg, Gravity Picks... so many dozens of others to check out. 

I've got my concerts picked out: Mike Keneally + Beer For Dolphins, Scott Henderson Trio, Stick Men, and Felix Martin. Hopefully I can squeeze in more. 

5/6 of Pavlov(3) will be roaming around checking out everything NAMM has to offer and enjoying the beautiful OC weather. 

"Zappa The Hard Way" by Andrew Greenaway will keep me occupied on my flight as I listen to "Make A Jazz Noise Here," which is from the tour "ZTHW" is about. 


More to come... 


Cool writeup of "Curvature..." Oh, and Meshuggah.

"Curvature-Induced Symmetry… Breaking came out last year and is a topology-themed album.... It’s absolutely fantastic and I wonder why I didn’t come across it sooner."


And.... more shows announced!  Check out Tour Info for details.


- Pavlov(3) has reconfigured into a larger lineup that I'm very excited to debut soon.
- 9/7 @ Beat Kitchen (The Gabriel Construct / The Four Three / Pavlov(3) / Gushing Cloud at Beat Kitchen).
- 10/22 @ Reggie's (Progtoberfest II at Reggies Rock Club October 21-22-23).
- many more are in the works, including solo U8 gigs


Pavlov(3) is featured on the new "TOUCH GUITAR COMPILATION 2016" from iapetus store, as a 24-track FREE DOWNLOAD (tips are welcome):


DAY 2 of my PITCHFORK MUSIC WEEK lessons @ Soho House Chicago is complete. 

Day 1 - "Pet Sounds: Guitar"

Day 2 - "Pet Sounds: Bass" 

Day 3 - "Pet Sounds: Drums"

Day 4 - "Ukukele Class"

Day 5 - The "Musical Petting Zoo,"  which will be most fun. 


PROGTOBERFEST II @ Reggies has been announced and Pavlov3 is honored to be playing once again!  Stay tuned for updates..



Enormous thanks to everyone who came out to Hedgehog and the Fox / Pavlov3 at Reggies Rock Club last night. We had a blast and can't wait to do it again!

Very special thanks to Chris HermanRobert SchaffnerRob Herman, Ned Babb, and Chris Avgerin of Hedgehog And The Fox. They are an excellent band of very talented and creative musicians. A wonderful team whom it's always a great pleasure to share the stage with. I can't wait to do it again!

Great thanks to Reggie's Rock Club for being one of my favorite venues to play. John Wayne Casey, Tim Lange, Russell Alexander, Jennette Luehring,BabyBop Sluggo, and Robby Glick are the best!

Most of all, thanks to Bill Banks and Thor Bremer for playing their asses off for me yesterday and learning/relearning the music on such short notice. Probably 8 days and only 2.5 rehearsals. They killed it. Very proud to share the stage with them. Pavlov3 is back.

Till next time!

Photo Credit: Josh Dagenais


Photo Credit: Josh Dagenais


Thanks to @kemperamps and @missionengineering for the amazing EP1-KP expression pedals! I've noticed a "green theme" lately... Very excited to take these beauties for a spin! With U8 @touchguitars and @kirlincable



Great review in today from DPRP, and a great excuse to promote the Pavlov3record:

"For fans of touch guitars and the edgier King Crimson sound, Pavlov3’s debut album, Curvature-Induced Symmetry…Breaking, will come as a welcome surprise. In this new venture, Chicago-based touch guitarist Matt Tate is joined by Markus Reuter (of Stick Men fame) and drummer Paul Szlachta. Soothing, ethereal melodies coupled with angular time signatures will scratch the itch of those pining for new material from Fripp’s crew."


Future Collaboration in the works?

Another amazing weekend. 

Thanks to @kemperamps for the honor of playing their stage all weekend, for the incredible generosity and for just being an awesome Family! The greatest amps/tech on Earth. I'm yours forever... 

Thanks to all my new friends at @kirlincable for being a company of excellent and generous people and for making amazing cables.

Thanks to Skip and Chris at @kaliumstrings for making the best strings out there and for being so kind and helpful. 

Thanks so much to @redpandalab for being so awesome with their time and making the absolute coolest pedals on Earth. 

Pavlov(3)'s "Curvature-Induced Symmetry... Breaking" made 3 "Top 15 of 2015" albums at Rock in Chicago!

Very grateful to Geoff Teach of Rock In Chicago for his review of Pavlov(3)'s "Curvature-Induced Symmetry... Breaking."


Pavlov(3)'s debut album, "Curvature Induced Symmetry, Breaking..." available for digital download now!


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